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Minus Dehydr8 Riesling Vinegar 375ml

Minus Dehydr8 Riesling Vinegar 375ml
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Minus Dehydr8 Riesling Vinegar 375ml
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Amarone style vinegar made from Rielsing raisins
Dehydr8 vinegar tastes like grape syrup made from Riesling raisins, in a very unique process: take ripe cool-climate Riesling grapes, pick them, dry the grapes on racks for months in a climate controlled environment until they become raisins, then press them to get each drop of sweet juice. Make wine, called Vin de Curé (similar to Amarone, but sweet.) Make vinegar with a specialized culture. Age for two years. Result: Dehydr8

Tasting notes: raisins, apricots, grapes, dried apples, sweet balanced with sour with dried floral aromasUse in vinaigrettes, marinades, finish by drizzling on cooked poultry, meats, fish, seafood and vegetables, with fruit, cheese, deglaze and finish sauces. Swap it for citrus in cocktails or recipes for extra dimension.
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