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Chick Peas 500gr

Chick Peas 500gr
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Chick Peas 500gr
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(Cicer arietinum)

Chickpea is a native plant of western Asia, but in ancient times it spread to India, Africa, Europe and more recently in Central America. The Egyptians regarded it as a food for the poor, and in fact, it was only fed to slaves. The Romans, on the other hand, preferred this legume among others for their nutritious properties and most of all for their unique taste, they were both cooked down into a broth and roasted as a snack – a tradition that is still respected in some parts of southern Italy. It is currently one of the most common legumes in Italy and is mainly grown in central and southern regions.
The chickpea is a microthermal plant, that is sown in the late winter and harvested in the summer, but where the winters tend to be very mild, the sowing is done in the autumn. It is a plant that prefers a warm and dry climate, because it resists drought well and does not tolerate excessive moisture. In fact, the chickpea does not fit very well in fertile land or land that is subject to excess water. The most suitable terrains for chickpeas plants are those with medium texture and depth, where they can fully manifest their characteristic rusticity.

Chickpeas are rich in high biological value proteins, which is why they are considered good substitutes for meat. Its beneficial effects are also due to the high content of magnesium and folic acid: the first promotes blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to the body, the latter has the ability to lower levels of homocysteine​​. Homocysteine is an amino-acid that increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes, if found in excessive amounts in the blood. Chickpeas also contain unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) that help regulate the content of triglycerides in the blood and are beneficial to the heart. Do not under-estimate the presence of dietary fiber, as it has the ability to regulate the functions of our intestines, while at the same time, helps maintain balanced levels of glucose in the blood. However, because the cellulose contained in the skins of the chickpeas, they can be a bit difficult to digest and for those suffering from colitis, they should be consumed in moderation. This potential discomfort can be completely avoided by consuming hulled chickpeas.

MAIA offers 3 types of chick peas: in addition to the classic chickpeas, hulled chickpeas and black chickpeas are also available.

Classic chickpeas are rich in fiber and minerals, and are suitable for all dishes, especially soups and stews. The variety that we offer is called "Sultan". They are small and smooth, with a notably fine skin, which makes them particularly palatable.
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