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Box 5 vanilla 10gr

Box 5 vanilla 10gr
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Box 5 vanilla 10gr
Reference : V000
Box of 5 vanillas of 10gr

Mexican Vanilla planifolia
A beautiful Slowfood project that we are supporting in Mexico in the Chinantla region in the state of Oaxaca.
A vanilla with floral and coffee notes, ideal for savory or sweet dishes.

Madagascar, Bourbon variety - Planifolia
Produced by a women's cooperative, this vanilla with notes of caramel is of exceptional quality.

Blue vanilla from Réunion, Bourbon variety - Planifolia
Reunion Island blue vanilla is made with Bourbon vanilla, its process is different from all other vanillas. Generally green vanillas are scalded once they have reached maturity, not here, the Lechnig family has developed a different preparation method, without scalding, but with careful, long, patient drying which takes at least two long years! Some batches are more than 6 years old, they are crushed, it is the even more intense Blue Vanilla caviar, and unique, this vanilla is eaten entirely. Savory or sweet, incise the vanilla, cut into small pieces and used together directly in your ice creams, desserts, or on your duck. A rare exceptional product, of which we only receive about ten kilos each year with intense notes.

New Caledonia, variety Planifolia
It has just arrived the new harvest of New Caledonian vanilla with notes of cocoa and fruit. This exceptional vanilla planifolia, which will frost naturally after a few months, at a vanillin rate twice as high as other Tahiti, Bourbon or South American vanillas. This is due to the slow preparation and drying method which lasts over nine months! In addition, while all vanilla producers have increased their prices by 20 to 60%, it has kept these prices the same for 4 years.

Tahiti, Tahitensis variety
In Tahiti, the harvest takes place 10 months after fertilization. At the base the green pods do not release any aroma until it has not yet undergone its preparation ritual: Put the green vanilla in a bag for two or three days in the sun until it takes on a "brown" color. (technique equivalent to scalding and steaming).
A passage in the dryer at 60 ° in intervals of four hours is then necessary for four days. A display in the sun for five to eight days is essential to give the vanilla its black color. Stored for about six months (if possible) in the crate, we finally get! a good quality and fragrant vanilla. Tahitian vanilla is unique in the world by its method of preparation, we plant wild orchids at the foot of the tutors of vanilla trees so that once flowering, they bring a scent of heliotropin (wild orchid) to the plant. Tahitian vanilla green pod. By this method the vanilla does not frost, but gives very fleshy pods. Often times you notice a claw on the vanilla, this is called the planter punch used against theft.
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