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Boxes 6 Peppers

Boxes 6 Peppers
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Boxes 6 Peppers
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The selection of Peppers

Cubèbe: Origin India
The berries are harvested before maturity and are then dried and ground. The taste is stronger than pepper which is the same family. This spice is native to India and its use is common in curry powders. Use: Meat.

Tasmanian pepper: Made in Tasmania, South Australia False pepper to very sweet scent and orange flavors. Use: Combines well with fish and duck.

Pepper Voastipériféry: Small Origin Madagascar pepper to very pungent notes of red fruits. Usage: red meats, game and desserts.

Timut pepper: Made In Nepal the same family of thorny trees or Sansho the Sichuan pepper, but it is very sweet with hints of grapefruit. Use: Asparagus, fish ...

White pepper Penja: Cameroon Origin One of the best pepper in the world, soft and subtle flavor. Usage: meat, game and cheeses.

Long pepper Ishigaki Origin Japan long red pepper spicy flavor of red fruits. Use: Saint-Jacques, fish, desserts.
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