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Garlic semolina 500gr

Garlic semolina 500gr
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Garlic semolina 500gr
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Garlic semolina 500gr
Garlic: Origin North Asia. The many varieties of Garlic has long conquered the kitchens of Belgian chefs, Chinese, Nepalese, South American. To counteract bad breath due to the consumption of raw garlic, simply chewing cardamom seeds, coffee, coriander and anise. Garlic has always been linked to the mythology, religion and culture in many countries. Thus an Arab legend relates that the plant was pushed from the impression left by a foot of the devil as he left the Garden of Eden. The onion is born of the imprint of his other foot. Furthermore, there are in the Bible numerous references to this plant. In Egypt, garlic was part of the diet of laborers who worked building the pyramids and we found her in the grave of the young Tutankhamun. Garlic was also widely used in Rome. In Chinese mythology, garlic going to rule the "eye of the devil", ie bad luck.
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