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Long pepper Selim Togo 280gr

Long pepper Selim Togo 280gr
Long pepper Selim Togo 280gr
Reference : P031
Pepper Pepper Slim or Kili:
Togo origin - also known as: black pepper Guinea, Kili, Selim seeds, Senegal Pepper.
Pepper Selim is an African pepper to taste and fragrant conifers, slightly bitter, slightly spicy, slightly minty scent. It is found Somalia to Guinea hence the name Selim. Selim the Ottoman emperor of the 16th century who conquered part of the Maghreb coast to Ehtiopie.
Black, thick as a pencil and bumpy, it is better to grind in a blender and remove coarse fibers before presenting it on the table. Same uses as black pepper, very original perfume.
We use it in our database spice mix "Mixing Kawahedj".
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