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Maniguete, Paradise Seed 500gr

Maniguete, Paradise Seed 500gr
Maniguete, Paradise Seed 500gr
Reference : P038
Origin Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, also called ...: Malagueta, Seed of Paradise, Guinea pepper
Perennial herb of the family of cardamoms, with beautiful cylindrical flowers and mottled yellow fruit with red. Its hard and shiny seeds, reddish brown, have a powerful flavor. This zesty spice, slightly tart, is not unlike pepper, hence its nickname of 'pepper Guinea' '. Unknown to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, grains of paradise has made its appearance in Europe in the 13th century. Less expensive than pepper at the time, she was a sharp success - but then fell into relative obscurity. Little used here, however it is widely used in Africa, where it is present in many dishes. It is even said that in the past, Africans enjoyed so much maniguette the slavers took the precaution to carry provisions on ships carrying slaves. Used in many spice blends, grains of paradise can be used pepper pleasantly replaces it: in his burning character adds a special aromatic note, tangy and fresh.
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