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Sarawak Black Pepper Indonesia , 450gr

Sarawak Black Pepper Indonesia , 450gr
Sarawak Black Pepper Indonesia , 450gr
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Pepper sees its origin in the Kerala region, in north-western India.
 Only two species have rights at the title of pepper: the berries of Piper Negrum and Piper longum berries. This plant is now probably the most widespread spice and the one that raised the most fervor. The number of substitutes and its presence for a long time on all tables justify his title of King of spices.

The black pepper is harvested before maturity and dried immediately. White pepper, it is extracted from the mother seed. After soaking, the berries are stripped of their pericarp. The taste is thinner than black pepper. Green pepper is obtained with green seeds harvested and preserved in brine. This is the most fragrant of all peppers. A tiny bottle is made of black or white pepper coarsely crushed. The invention of the pepper mill dates back to ancient times and it was used to prevent leakage in the kitchen.

"Often imitated, never equaled seems tailor made for pepper. Here is the list of its main substitutes and false peppers . Grains of paradise, pink pepper Bourbon, lovage root, black seed, pepper Nepal, seeds cubeb, mustard and juniper.
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